I love teaching violin, viola, and piano to people of all ages. As I’ve taught music over the past10 years, I’ve learned that teaching should be a collaborative process through which both teacher and student can learn to use music to enrich our lives and strengthen our communities.
I have studied many kinds of music, and still consider myself a student. A few years ago, I studied in Bali and I still play with many Indonesian gamelan ensembles. I have played in orchestras on both coasts of the U.S. and I have played both written and improvised music in all
sizes of ensembles. I recently completed a Fellowship at Community MusicWorks in Providence, RI, a non-profit committed to building community and social justice through music.


Playing music is one of the richest and most enjoyable ways of spending time with the people we care about. When we play music together, we can hear aspects of one another we never knew were there before. We can express and connect in ways that are only possible through music. I feel lucky to have music as a part of my life and I teach to help my students share this gift and develop their own musical voices.