Is your fiddle starting to sound a little funky?  Does you old clarinet need some fixing up before your next jam session?  Inspire Music is here to help!  We offer free estimates on most band instruments including trumpets, flutes, clarinets, violins and more; if we are unable to fix the issue ourselves we have a network of highly trained instrument repair people we can refer you to make sure you get the best service possible.  We also offer instrument restringing for guitars and violins for the low cost of $10 for labor and the cost of strings.

Call us at 415-504-7921 or email us at for more details.


Overhauls: Full re-pad, replace all bumper corks as needed, clean/polish keys, regulate key mechanisms


New Wooden / Plastic Clarinet = $400


Old Wooden Clarinets = $480

(price difference is due to the care necessary for the wood  and tone holes of older instruments to ensure their proper operation)


Tenon corks = $40


Minor pad replacements  ≈ $40/2 pads (price may vary)


Overhaul:  Full re-pad, replace all bumper corks as needed, clean/polish keys and body, fit tenons, regulate key mechanisms = $360


Minor Dent Removal  ≈ $40 (price may vary)


Minor pad replacements ≈ $40/2 pads (price may vary)


Bridge Replacement = $40


Remove and Refit Stuck Pegs = $40


Replace Broken Peg = $40


New Soundpost = $40


Full cleaning:  Disassemble, acid bath to loosen deposits, cleaning, reassembly and lubrication = $120


Dent Removal ≈ $40 (price may vary)

This is by no means an exhaustive list of available repairs, but rather simply our most common, to give an idea of cost. Any further issues can be evaluated and given an estimate upon request. Repairs are billed at the rate of $80/hr.