Inspire music supplies over 500 instruments to the SFUSD every year and offers rentals for violins, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, guitars, and saxophones.  

Instrument rentals come in 3-month, 9-month, and 12-month contracts that are pre-paid and require a deposit that is refunded when the instrument is returned in the condition that it was originally rented.  All pre-paid rental contracts are non-refundable.

All of our instruments are inspected, cleaned, and sanitized by our in house technicians to ensure that every instrument is in peak playing condition.  Students are expected to take proper care of their instruments following our maintenance guidelines.

Insurance is available on on all instruments at $5/month.  Insurance covers the cost of any damage to the instrument during the rental period and, in the event that the instrument is lost or stolen, reduces the instrument replacement fee to $40 as opposed to the retail price of the instrument.

With insurance, instruments of the same rental price (clarinets, flutes, violins, and trumpets) may be switched for one another at no cost; without insurance the instrument change fee is $45.

All of our instruments are "rent-to-own"; the cost of the rental goes straight towards purchasing the instrument.

Call us at 415-504-7921 or email us at for more details.


3-month rental: $15/month 

9-month rental: $11/month

12-month rental: $9/month

Deposit: $45

* Clarinet Care Kit: $15.99 + tax

** Trumpet Valve Oil: $3.00 + tax 


3-month rental: $14/month 

9-month rental: $11/month

12-month rental: $9/month

Deposit: $45

* Violin Rosin and Shoulder Rest:$14.49 + tax


3-month rental: $9/month 

9-month rental: $7/month

12-month rental: $6/month

Deposit: $40


3-month rental: $29/month 

9-month rental: $20/month

12-month rental: $18/month

Deposit: $270

We are located at 1241 Taraval Street, between 22nd and 23rd Avenue, in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood just across the street from the Parkside Library and McCoppin Square.  With a bike rack in the front, an L Muni stop less than a block away, and street parking on the side avenues, Inspire Music is easily accessible to students from all parts of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Contact us today to set up your first lesson and get inspired!

1241 Taraval Street

San Francisco CA 94116

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