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Interested in music classes at Inspire Music?  Sign up for your trial lesson today!  Trial lessons are introductory, 30-minute lessons where students get to "try out" new instruments, teachers, and tutors.

Be sure to sign in at the front desk before and after your trial lesson!

Trial lessons should be booked at a day and time that the student can commit to on a weekly basis in case they decide to continue lessons with that teacher.  Potential students should review their schedules to find days and times work for them, contact us with those times, and we will offer you a trial lesson that best matches your preferences.​


Inspire Music offers one free trial lesson per student*; if a student decides that they would like another trial lesson with a different teacher they may purchase additional trial lessons at the reduced rate of $21 for a regular rate teacher and $24 for a senior staff teacher.

*Free trial lessons are subject to teacher availability. We cannot guarantee that the time or teacher you request will be available for a free trial class.

  • Trial lessons are 30 minutes long 

  • Inspire Music offers one free trial lesson per student

  • Additional trial lessons with other teachers may be purchased at the the discounted rate of $21/ regular rate teacher and $24/ senior staff teacher

  • Student/teacher chemistry is important!  We try to find the best teacher to fit your musical goals and personality.  To help us better place you with an instructor, let us know of any specific needs or goals you might have.

  • After registering, we schedule an ongoing weekly appointment.  The student is scheduled at the same day and time unless we are notified otherwise.

  • Tuition is not linked with scheduled lessons.

  • View our teacher roster here