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A Southern California native, Diego Rumer has been immersed in music from an early age. Beginning his musical journey on drumset, he slowly branched out to other instruments, partly due to a finger injury in middle school which temporarily took away his ability to hold drumsticks. 

This seeming setback proved to be a gift in disguise as Diego discovered a new instrument and developed a deep passion for bass. For the next 11 years he would dedicate himself to learning the bass, meeting and performing with musicians of all different backgrounds and tastes.

Currently a resident of San Francisco, Diego has gone on to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Music while attending San Francisco State University. While teaching at Inspire Music during the day, Diego spends his free time gigging around the city with stylistically varied bands such as Agua Pura, Trolls of Amsterdam, and his own group, Masterz of Disasterz. 

Diego loves, listens, and teaches many different genres of music such as Rock, Funk, Jazz, Salsa, and bluegrass/folk. When he doesn't have a bass guitar in hand, Diego can be found hunting down the Bay Area's best food spots with friends or at home relaxing with some video games.

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