Inspire Music holds two student recitals per year; one in the late Fall/early Winter and one in the late Spring/early Summer. Recitals are a great opportunity for students to demonstrate what they have learned to fellow students and teachers and provides them with a goal to work towards during their weekly lessons.

Recitals are typically held at local churches or other large venues as our school simply does not have the space for performances.  There is a $25 recital fee and students must have their repertoire selected before signing up.

Spring 2020 Recital

January 26th - 5pm / 6:30pm 

(Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums)

February 1st - 11am / 12:30pm 

(All Instruments)

February 2nd - 5pm / 6:30pm 

(All Instruments)

Forest Hill Church

250 Laguna Honda Boulevard

San Francisco, CA 94116

Sign Up For Your Recital Here!

(415) 578-0992    

1241 Taraval Street

San Francisco CA 94116

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